Seat Leon >> Removing gearbox

Special tools and workshop equipment required

Controls, housing

  • Support. - 10 - 222 A-
  • Shackle - 10 - 222 A /12-
  • Adapter for the engine bracket - 10 222A/18-
  • Square pipe - T40091/1- and connector - T40091/3-
  • Spindle from engine support supplement set - T40093 /3-
  • Adapter - T40093/3 6-

Controls, housing

  • Engine support bracket - 10 - 222 A /31A- , adapter - 10 - 222 A /31-1- , adapter - 10 - 222 A /31-2-

  • Removal wedge - 3409-

Controls, housing

Prepare tool

  • If adapter -10 - 222 A- does not yet have hole (marked with -arrow-), hole must now be drilled into adapter.
    • Dimension -a- = 225 mm
    • Drill √Ш: 12.5 mm.
  • Remove battery and battery tray .

Controls, housing

  • Remove securing clip -1- for gear selector cable from gearbox selector lever -B-.
  • Remove relay lever -A- together with cable lock.
  • Remove gearbox selector lever -B- after removing the nut -arrow 2- .

  • Unscrew bolts -arrows- and place cable support bracket to one side together with cables.

  • Unscrew bolts -arrows- and place clutch slave cylinder to one side. Do not disconnect hoses/pipes.


Stop depressing clutch pedal.

  • Then remove upper securing bolt on starter.
  • Remove upper engine/gearbox connecting bolts.
  • If there are hose and cable connections in area of engine attachment eyes for the support bracket - 10 - 222 A- these must now be removed.
  • Separate the air hose -2- from the air filter housing.
  • Carefully remove the air filter housing -1- from the retaining bolts in an upward motion, sequentially.
  • Loosen the brackets -arrow- for the air duct hose.
  • Disconnect the air filter housing -1- with the air duct hoses.
  • Remove plenum chamber cover .
  • Remove the caps on the screw connections of the suspension strut.

Controls, housing

  • Align support tool - 10-222 A- as follows:
  • -10 - 222 A /31-1- and -10 - 222 A /31-2- place on the suspension strut mounts -arrow-.
  • Slide the connector - T40091/3- over the gearbox support - 10-222 A- .

Controls, housing

  • Position the adapter -T40093/3-6- over the right crossbeam; if necessary, take the centre coolant tube out of its bracket.
  • Bolt -A- must stay behind the edge -arrow-.
  • Install the spindle of the auxiliary assembly kit of the support bracket for the engine - T40093 /3- .

Controls, housing

  • Connect the engine support bracket spindle supplementary kit - T40093 /3- to the support bracket - 10-222 A- via the square tube - T40091/1- and tension it.
  • Hook spindles into engine support eyes using shackle - 10 - 222 A /12- .
  • Take up weight of engine/gearbox assembly with spindle, but without raising it.
  • Remove noise insulation.
  • Remove the lower part of the front left wheel housing liner.

Controls, housing

  • Remove nut -arrow- and remove retainer for electrical lines.
  • Remove starter .

  • Disconnect the connector -1- of the oil level and temperature sender - G266- .

  • If present unscrew the indicator for the front vehicle level - G78- from the traverse link.

Controls, housing

  • Unplug electrical connectors:
  1. - Gearbox neutral position sender - G701-
  2. - Reversing light switch - F4-


Risk of damage to decoupling element.

  • Observe
  • Remove bolts -arrows- for exhaust pipe bracket from subframe.

Controls, housing

  • Disconnect exhaust system at clamp -arrow-.

  • Remove pendulum support.

Controls, housing

  • Unscrew nut -1- from both sides of coupling rod -3-.
  • Withdraw coupling rod -3- on both sides from anti-roll bar -2-.

Controls, housing

  • If required, remove drive shaft heat shield -Arrows-.
  • Remove drive shafts from flange shafts and tie them up as high as possible, do not damage surface protection.

Controls, housing

  • Remove nut -arrow- and detach earth wire.

Controls, housing

  • Unscrew bolts -arrows 1- for gearbox mounting.

  • Lower gearbox distance -a- by adjusting spindles of support bracket - 10 - 222 A- .
    • Dimension -a- = 60 mm

  • Remove bolts -arrows 2- and detach gearbox support from gearbox.

Unscrew bolts - 2, 3- of the connection between gearbox and engine.

  • Unscrew bolts - 7, 8- of the connection between gearbox and engine.
  • Bolts -1, 6, 9- securing gearbox to engine are unscrewed at a later stage.

To remove gearbox "0AH" set up gearbox support - 3282- with adjustment plate - 3282/46- .

  • Insert gearbox support - 3282- in engine and gearbox jack - V.A.G 1383 A- .
  • Place adjustment plate - 3282/46- on gearbox support - 3282- .
  • The adjustment plate can only be fitted in one position.
  • Align arms of gearbox support according to holes in adjustment plate.
  • Secure support elements as illustrated on adjustment plate.
  • The arrow symbol on the adjustment plate points in the direction of travel. Align adjustment plate parallel with gearbox.

Controls, housing

  • Secure bolts - 3282/45- -arrow- to gearbox using a M 8 nut.

The bolts - 3282/45- should be flush below with the guide from the gearbox support - 3282- .

  • Screw pin - 3282/29- into rear hole on gearbox for securing bolt of pendulum support.
  • Remove engine/gearbox connecting bolt -arrow-.

  • Remove engine/gearbox connecting bolt - A-.
  • Remove the remaining bolts connecting the engine to the gearbox.

  • Press gearbox out of dowel sleeves and carefully swing towards front end.
  • Carefully guide gearbox with right-hand flange shaft -A- past flywheel/intermediate plate.

  • Turn gearbox in the area of the differential upwards and in the area of the 5th gear downwards.
  • Lower gearbox, paying attention to the clearance of flange shaft -A- to flywheel and flange shaft -B- to subframe.
  • If necessary, carefully push engine towards front (2nd mechanic required).
  • On lowering it, modify the position of the gearbox using the spindles of the gearbox support unit - 3282- .

Controls, housing

Note Pay attention to all pipes/hoses/wiring when lowering gearbox.

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